Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

I'll bet you had no idea we had such a holiday, did ya? I found all kinds of crazy-goofy reasons to celebrate and create cards or scrapbook pages on Jane Hignite's blog . Check out her heading for 2010 Fun Holidays and you will see what I mean! So, if you love trivia and really like to find fun ways to surprise your family or friends with a card or gift, this list will give you many ways to do just that:)

In honor of this blessed event, Clint baked some homemade Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies. Too bad they got all eaten this afternoon as I was hoping to show you a picture of these yummy delights. We ran out of cherries with a little batter left, so, if I can manage to finish baking them tomorrow, I will take a picture for sure.

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Carolyn Sharkas said...

Those sound yummy! Glad you didn't have a picture, it would have just made me crave something sweet, lol.

ceashark at aol dot com